Seven Puzzles is the new album from Lyrian. The cover-design and lettering are by Miyuki Morris. The music consists of eight new songs, each a puzzle (in one sense or another). What became of the race of Centaurs? Why did Diogenes go to sea to try to find an honest man? What was the Riddle of the Hydra? Why were the Seven Dwarves condemned to death? How was that great and mysterious tome The Catholicon printed, when and by whom? The answers to these, and many other, questions may be found in Seven Puzzles. But the answers are hidden within the folds of eight progressive rock songs, replete with Mellotrons, pipes and guitars and, on this album, a preponderance of synthesizers. The album is set partly in the worlds of fairy-tale and of Dungeons & Dragons, and partly in the real, but distant, period before the Renaissance.

Track listing

1) The Seven Dwarves on Death Row (7:42)
2) Diogenes on the Island of Centaurs (9:26)
3) The Last Lament and Riddle of the Hydra (8:00)
4) The Elves of Flyte (10:13)
5) The Might and the Dragon (7:52)
6) The Game of ‘Logic’ (7:42)
7) The Mystery of the Catholicon (6:13)
8) The Mechanical Turk (9:24)

The album is available as a digital download from Bandcamp and CD-Baby, and as a physical compact-disc from Bandcamp or eBay and from Medieval Records.  The price is £6.00 (post free in the UK).