The Tongues of Men and Angels is Lyrian’s second concept album. It is a double-album, dealing with man and his Gods, false and falser, and the angels which torment the world. There are nine songs on the two discs, running for over two hours, which will give an indication of the length of some of the compositions, which are closer to short symphonies than long songs. The booklet is of twenty-four pages, packed with curious art and the curiouser lyrics of the song-cycle. The track listing is as follows:

Disc 1
1)  The Hollow (8:37)
2) Three One-Eyed Gods (26:44)
3) Sick Roses (3:47)
4) The Kingdom of the Enchanter
           (Panapanthera) (16:27)

Disc 2
1) A Warning  to Angels (6:21)
2) The Veil Between (17:28)
3) The Shadow of Impus (3:04)
4) Hymn 637: the Seven Tongues  (21:31)
5) The Flight of the Soul (22:24)

Physical discs are available (at £9.00) and downloads (at 79 pence per track). You can hear some of the music at Bandcamp and MySpace, and buy the CD from Bandcamp, eBay or directly from Medieval Records, or the downloads from Bandcamp, iTunes, CD-Baby, Amazon, 7Digital and all the usual music outlets. Postage for the physical album is free in the UK.

A recent review in PROG magazine described the album as ‘defiantly well off the bonkers scale and ploughing fearlessly forward into whichever realm exists beyond the edge of outright madness ... The Tongues of Men and Angels is an unashamedly extravagant concept piece that sprints through the prog continuum at a breathless pace ... Lyrian are über-prog and proud’.