The Jester’s Quest in the City of Glass was launched upon a fragile world on All Fools Day 2016. As the title suggests, the ten songs that make up The Jester’s Quest tell the story of a comical knave and his journey in search of a mysterious prize. Along the way he meets wise flowers, alcoholic angels, mermaids, shape-shifting fortune-tellers, aged magicians, shining metal men and a whole shipful of fools. His journey represents a particular human life, but also the quest and fate of Everyman, and has echoes of some of the great legends of pursuit, from Moby Dick to Scooby Doo. Some of the songs are also musical tributes to bands beloved of Lyrian and of the dedicatee of the album. The album is full of jests, but in deadly earnest, and of sober philosophy, but in pure jest.

Track listing

1. A million stars (4:55)

2. Ancient spirals (4:57)
3. The scented chamber (5:03)
4. Here lies a mermaid (6:34)
5. The fall of the cards (10:13)
6. Flight from the enchanter (9:39)
7. The humours of the grave (7:56)
8. Mister Silver (10:16)
9. I trespass in the kingdom of
      the black doll (8:28)
10. The ship of jesters (9:12)

Physical discs are available at £6.00 and downloads at 79 pence (or 99 cents) per track. You can hear the music at Bandcamp, and buy the CD from Bandcamp, eBay or directly from Medieval Records, and the downloads from Bandcamp, iTunes, CD-Baby, Amazon and all the usual music outlets. Postage for the physical album is free in the UK.